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so my sister and i were just on asc, this is a nice summary of how it went down

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(Dabin소공이 새옷입어서 신났어요^__^ 옷 감사합니당^^!

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Apply to be BOYSREP.NET admin today!


as you may have noticed, there has been a TON of data lately! we have about 200 photos in the queue at pretty much all times. there are only two people running this blog (+1 for translations, thank you yvonne!) currently and we’re starting to get carpal tunnel!! not even kidding! i think it would be much easier if we had a third person on board.

we are no longer requiring previous experience in order to apply for the admin position. as long as you have the time and the motivation, we will teach you everything you need to know. please check out the application here. let us know if you have any questions. we’re super fun to work with, i promise!

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maddie tagged me~

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i’m in the “enjoying media with carefully vetted friends & acquaintances and no one else, do not touch me” fandom

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